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2014 Meeting

President's Welcome

Welcome to the 
American Aging Association
43rd Annual Meeting  
Slowing Aging: Signaling, Stress Resistance, Stem Cells, and Small Molecules, Insights from Old and New Models
with "The Role of Mitochondria in Aging" Pre-Meeting 
May 30-June 2, 2014
San Antonio, Texas

Rochelle Buffenstein PhD. 
President and Meeting Chair

On behalf of the Board of the American Aging Association, it is my great pleasure to extend to you all a warm welcome to San Antonio, Texas and the 43rd Annual Meeting of the American Aging Association.  San Antonio has long been recognized as home to multidisciplinary and integrative research on aging. Featured at this meeting are internationally renowned scientists from across the globe, sharing with us new and exciting hot topics in the biology of aging.   I sincerely hope you will find the program stimulating and that the scientific interactions made here will forge new collaborative research endeavors in our quest to find answers to promote healthier aging.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the many people who have helped with the organization of this meeting, notably including the support staff from the Alliance for Aging Research.

Lastly, as an aging world seeks solutions to mitigate the impact of age-associated degenerative diseases, I encourage you to consider the many ways to become more active in our Association. In this way, the brain trust that our collective expertise in aging represents can be there to help when we are called upon. I invite each and everyone attending and participating in this meeting to become a member of our Society. Please join us at the Membership Meeting and do ask any of the Board Members questions while you are here as to how you might contribute to ensure the continued growth and success of the American Aging Association.  Together we can advocate for greater support for aging research, and move towards a better understanding of the biological processes that contribute to aging and achieve our goals of finding effective interventions to slow the aging process.

Attending the Meeting

During the registration process or through the links below on this page, you will have the option to join the Association as a member to qualify for a reduced registration rate, book your hotel, submit an abstract, and make a donation to the Association. 

A Word on Support

As a non-profit organization, we operate on razor-thin budgets and rely on volunteers to bring the community  top-quality meetings and information on new research.  The demands on the aging research community are growing with public need and the Association is poised to become a key resource and voice for the aging research community in a globally aging world.  Your help, through joining as a member, or fund donation or meeting financial assistance, will help us meet this challenge and try to accelerate the development of solutions able to extend the healthy years of life. 

Registration, Abstract Submission and Accommodations

Become a member of AGE for significant registration discounts!

Registration Rates (US Dollars)

   Main Meeting Pre-Meeting
Membership Type Early Bird
to Feb 14
to May 8
to June 2

Student 200 250 300 75
Post-Doc 250
300 350 100
Lay 300 350 400 100
Scientific 300 350 400 100
Non-Member 500 550 600 125

https://www.regonline.com/Register/Checkin.aspx?EventID=1367591  https://sites.google.com/a/americanagingassociation.org/americanagingassociation/meeting/abstract-submission-1  https://www.starwoodmeeting.com/StarGroupsWeb/booking/reservation?id=1401162624&key=BCB8A


The Westin Riverwalk Hotel   
Special Rate: $199USD/night

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