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 James Nelson, PhD., President and Meeting Chair

 The American Aging Association 
44th Annual Meeting
Aging and Geroscience:  
New Approaches to Old Problems
with Pre-Meeting
The Geroscience Initiative:  Challenges and New Perspectives 

May 29 pre-meeting (separate registration) 
General meeting begins 6:30 PM May 29 - June 1, 2015

In 2015, the AGE meeting: Aging and Geroscience:  New Approaches to Old Problems will be held in Marina Del Rey, CA from May 30th to June 1st and will include leading aging researchers from the UK, Japan, Canada and the US. This meeting will cover exciting new topics in aging research.

Attending the Meeting

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A Word on Support

As a non-profit organization, we operate on razor-thin budgets and rely on volunteers to bring the community  top-quality meetings and information on new research.  The demands on the aging research community are growing with public need and the Association is poised to become a key resource and voice for the aging research community in a globally aging world.  Your help, through joining as a member, or fund donation or meeting financial assistance, will help us meet this challenge and try to accelerate the development of solutions able to extend the healthy years of life. 

Registration and Accommodations

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