An individual may become a Fellow following nomination by another Fellow. Criteria for Fellowship include major contributions to biomedical aging research as recognized by the Awards Committee including: 1) five years of continuous membership, or three years if also serving on the Board of Directors or as an Officer of AGE (President, Secretary, Treasurer, EC member); 2) a minimum of five first or senior authored primary papers in peer-reviewed journals describing original investigations relevant to biomedical aging and; 3) active engagement in the field of aging.

The following individuals have been honored as fellows by the American Aging Association:

Robert G. Allen

Rozalyn Anderson

R. Michael Anson

Robert Arking

Arthur K. Balin

Sheldon S. Ball

Andrzej Bartke

Paula Bickford

Jeffrey B. Blumberg

Holly Brown-Borg

Rochelle Buffenstein

David L. Busbee

Cheryl Conover

Aubrey de Grey

Gregory M. Fahy

Richard Faragher

Robert A. Floyd

Michael Forster

Barbara C. Hansen

S. Mitchell Harman

John O. Holloszy

Donna Holmes

Donald K. Ingram

Heinrich Jasper

LiLi Ji

Thomas Johnson

Matt Kaeberlein

Dudley W. Lamming

Michal Masternak

Julie Mattison

Janet McElhaney

Mohsen Meydani

Simin Nikbin Meydani

James Nelson

Janko Nikolich-Zugich

Barry Reisberg

Arlan Richardson

Doug Rosene

George S. Roth

Adam Salmon

Christian Sell

Barbara Shukitt-Hale

Raj S. Sohal

William Sonntag

Nathalie Sumien

LaDora Thompson

Panayiotis Tsitouras

Holly Van Remmen

Mary Lou Voytko

Richard Weindruch

In Memoriam

Linda K. Dixon

Denham Harman

Kenichi Kitani

Norman S. Wolf

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