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The American Aging Association Trainee Chapter offers numerous benefits to learners  at all levels. These include the opportunity to win presentation and travel awards,  career development, and networking with other trainees and some of the world's top

geroscientists and biogerontologists.

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Resources for Trainees 



National Institute On Aging - YouTube

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Founded in 1912, for over 100 years, the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology continuously supports the advancement of health and well-being by promoting research and education in biological and biomedical sciences.

American Federation for Aging Research : Nathan Shock Centers
Established in 1995, the Nathan Shock Centers program enhances and provides stellar resources to create the strongest environment possible for the conduct of basic aging research.  Click here to explore about centers and resources!

GSA's most recent activities premiered... - The Gerontological ...

Founded in 1945, the GSA is the oldest and largest interdisciplinary organization devoted to research, education, and practice in the field of aging. Learn more about the GSA- Emerging Scholar and Professional Organization for trainees.  Click here to explore resources provided by GSA!

American Federation for Aging Research - Health Research Alliance

Founded in 1981, inspired by Irving S. Wright, MD,  AFAR funds and nurtures talented scientist and physicians to pursue   lifelong careers in research focused on aging processes and age-related diseases. Click here for more info!

Founded 1965, Paul F. Glenn introduced the mission of the Glenn Foundation For Medical Research to extend the healthy years of life through research on mechanisms of biology that govern normal human aging and its related physiological decline, with the objective of translating research into interventions that will extend healthspan with lifespan.  Click here to explore centers!

Diversity and Inclusion Fosters Innovation

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US academic science lacks racial, ethnic, sex, gender, disability, and socioeconomic diversity. Addressing this problem is essential to drive scientific progress but is confounded by broad misunderstandings regarding diverse groups. Increasing representation in science is particularly relevant in geroscience, where our research to maximize healthy human lifespan must also address existing racial and socioeconomic health disparities. The American Aging Association (AGE) is committed to addressing these issues as part of its larger mission to advance and promote geroscience research.                                                                                                              excerpt


AGE at ABRCMS 2019

In November, AGE Trainee Chair Mitchell Lee (UW) and trainee member Dibyadeep Datta (Yale) represented AGE at the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS) at the  Anaheim Convention Center, CA.The major goal of the trip was to identify trainees interested in submitting an abstract and applying for one of our 18 trainee travel awards (three of which are specifically for trainees from underrepresented groups in the sciences) to attend the upcoming 49th Annual AGE meeting in Madison, WI. At ABRCMS, Mitchell and Dibyadeep met numerous excited, highly motivated students that were very interested in learning about the biology of aging. In fact, many attendees learned about the biology of aging and geroscience for the first time through our outreach!   

We look forward to growing future outreach opportunities and are looking for more interested AGE Trainees to help lead our next trip! We’d like to give a special thanks to the University of Washington Nathan Shock Center for providing travel funds to sponsor this event.

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