Congratulations to the AGE Trainee Chapter leadership for planning and managing our first virtual event.  It was very successful with close to 1000 registrations. Thanks to all who participated.  Recordings of some of the events will be made available at a later date.  

Virtual Meeting Program

Registration for this meeting is COMPLETELY FREE!.  However space will be limited so be sure to register below to reserve your space.

The first on Wednesday June 17th is the TRAINEE WORKSHOP with a) presentations from Daniel Promislow and Morgan Levine about transitions through a career in aging biology, b) a presentation about grants and career development from the Scientific Review Officer (SRO) for the Biological Aging (NIA-B) Review Committee Bita Nakhai, and c) a presentation and discussion from NIA Division of Aging Biology Interim Director Ron Kohanski. We welcome questions in advance for this session that will be passed along to our speakers, so please let us know your career questions and concerns!

The second on Thursday June 18th is a PLENARY LECTURE from our Denham Harman award winner Rochelle Buffenstein, who will share her amazing science and insightful ideas about aging research. We will then recognize the 2020 Fellows of the American Aging Association. 2020 Fellow and President-Elect Veronica Galvan will give a short talk. Finally, we will be hosting the AGE BUSINESS MEETING that all are welcome to attend.

The third session on Friday June 19th is a PRESENTATION BLITZ, with short presentations (4 minutes, two slides) selected from trainee abstracts previously submitted for the 49th AGE meeting. Selection of speakers will be competitive based on the following criteria:

  • a.                   Quality of research – first and foremost.
  • b.                  Thematic relevance
  • c.                   Balance of career stage
  • d.                  Balance of geographic representation

Finally, our virtual meeting will close with a State of the Trainee Chapter address where we will update everyone on the initiatives undertaken by the AGE Trainee Chapter to date and our plans looking forward. We hope to hear from you and learn what AGE can do to further grow opportunities and resources for trainees!

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