The Awards Committee is seeking nominations for The Denham Harman Award.  A short description of this award is found below.

All members of the American Aging Association are eligible to nominate individuals for the awards. 

Materials required for nomination include a nomination letter outlining why this individual is deserving of the award, a current CV of the individual and at least two supporting letters. Before nominating a person, please take a look at the website for the list of past awardees.  Please note that if an individual has received the Denham Harman Award previously, the nomination will have to justify the contributions of this person since the last award.  Once the materials have been collected, the nominator should send the documents to Holly Brown-Borg at 

The Awards Committee will review eligibility, compile the documents and create a slate of candidates for the AAA Board on which to vote. Nominations will be accepted until January 15, 2017. Any materials received after this date will not be considered.

Denham Harman Award (Lifetime Achievement in Research Award)
Established in 1978 this award was named in honor of Dr. Denham Harman, a co-founder of AGE and honors a person who has made significant contributions to biomedical aging research.

Other awards not under consideration this year:

Distinguished Achievement

Established and presented in 1978, this award is presented to an older active individual to call attention to the obvious, but often overlooked, fact that older individuals can live full, productive, useful lives.

Excellence in Journalism Award
Established and presented in 1992, this award is presented to honor journalists who have contributed significantly to the general public's knowledge and understanding of biomedical aging research and its potential to enhance our lives

Leonard Hayflick Lectureship 
Established in 1995 by Dr. Michael Fossel in homage to Dr. Leonard Hayflick, and presented in 1996 , this award is presented to recognize an individual's research and prominence in the field and is intended to answer what were the most important unanswered research questions in aging; what makes these the most important questions and how can we set out to address these questions

Walter R. Nicolai Award  
Through the generosity of the Paul F. Glenn Foundation, a prize was established in 1982 in the name of Walter Nicolai, (a long-time board member of AGE who was killed in a skiing accident) for meritorious research by a graduate or medical student in the area of biomedical gerontology.

Paul F. Glenn Award
To award a post-doctoral candidate who has made special contributions to biomedical aging research. This award was established in 1985 to honor Mr. Paul F. Glenn for his long-term active support of biomedical aging research through the Glenn Foundation for Medical Research.

Clinical Research
The too-infrequent confluence of clinical studies with basic research provides some opportunities to recognize those who particularly focus their work in line with the Association Mission.

Travel Awards
Those students who whose need assistance whose work is of a quality that their attendance warrants subsidization.

Student Data Blitz
Often the association holds a Student Session during the meeting where young researchers are selected to present their work and then those with the most interesting and promising projects are recognized with awards sponsored by our members.