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We regret to notify you that the 49th Annual Meeting of the American Aging Association has been postponed to June 2021 in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

In Memoriam: Edward Masoro, PhD

Edward J. Masoro, Ph.D., passed away on July 11 at age 95. Born and raised in Oakland, California, he obtained his undergraduate and PhD degrees at UC Berkeley.  The first half of his career focused on lipid metabolism and was marked by a rapid rise through the faculty ranks at Queens University (Canada), Tufts University, and the University of Washington, becoming chair of Physiology and Biophysics at Medical College of Pennsylvania.  His research focus made a remarkable shift to the biology of aging shortly before joining the UT Health Science Center at San Antonio as founding Chair of the Department of Physiology (1973-1991).   Thereafter, he established the Aging Research and Education Center at UT Health San Antonio, in order to catalyze research on the biology of aging across basic and clinical science disciplines.  This Center gave birth to the Barshop Center for Longevity and Aging Studies, among the first centers in the nation dedicated to basic research in the biology of aging.   A recipient of the highest awards for his scientific contributions and leadership in Geroscience, he is remembered  for seminal studies on the life and health extending  effects of caloric restriction and his penetrating reviews and reasoned hypotheses on the causes of aging.  He was mentor to many who became leaders in the field.  His scientific rigor and productivity, vision and leadership were matched by his character.  He was humble, honest, fair and loyal.  He will be greatly missed. 


Congratulations to the AGE Trainee Chapter leadership for planning and managing our first virtual event.  It was very successful with close to 1000 registrations. Thanks to all who participated.  Recordings of some of the events will be made available at a later date.  

Sadly, we find ourselves again reeling from acts of brutality against Black Americans. The murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others are appalling and tear at the very fabric of our society, yet they are common. These horrors are not isolated incidents, but manifestations of the lingering systemic racism that continues to disadvantage Black and other underserved populations in our country.

The American Aging Association recognizes that, to accomplish its goal of extending healthy lifespan for all, racial disparities and the laws, regulations, and policies that maintain these disparities must be addressed and corrected so that they conform to what is right and just.

Together, we must educate, reflect, and act. In our continued diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, we pledge to also promote education regarding systemic racism, implicit bias, and anti-racism for AGE community members and across academic science. In addition, we will grow our efforts to better understand the factors that limit healthspan and lifespan among Black and other underserved populations. As one community, AGE will advocate for policies within science that elevate the value of mentorship, recruitment, and advancement of Black and other diverse scientists.

We find ourselves in times of incredible stress and challenge, but in the words of Martin Luther King Jr. “The time is always ripe to do right”.


The members of the American Aging Association are an elite group of scientific experts in the field of biogerontology and geroscience, dedicated to understanding the basic mechanisms of aging in order to enable humankind to preserve and restore functions typically lost to age-related degeneration, and to extend the healthy human lifespan. Become a member here.

The American Aging Association is committed to providing a harmonious conference environment based on mutual respect, dignity and support. All forms of harassment, including sexual, are completely unacceptable. These behaviors have no place in the American Aging Association, and do not represent who we are. It is our collective priority to prevent this abhorrent behavior and to support those affected. We ensure allegations of sexual harassment are responded to swiftly, appropriately, and confidentially. Full policy

The American Aging Association recognizes a crucial, compelling need to promote diversity in the aging research workforce. The American Aging Association is committed to fostering a diverse workforce in aging research, and to ensuring that people from all backgrounds can fully and productively participate in our field. We have outlined and are executing specific plans to help diversify the aging research workforce, designed to develop and prepare the most talented researchers from all groups, to help improve the quality of the educational and training environment, and to enhance the participation of individuals currently underrepresented in the field of aging research. Full policy

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AGE is pleased to announce the 2020 Denham Harman Research Award winner is Rochelle Buffenstein, PhD, Senior Principal Investigator at Calico.

New AGE Fellows to be inducted for 2020:

Greg Brewer, PhD, Veronica Galvan, PhD, Peter Hornsby, PhD, Kylie Kavanaugh, PhD, Bernard Rabin, PhD

AGE representation at FASEB

Mark McCormick, Science Research Conferences Advisory Committee

George Sutphin, Publications and Communications Committee

Sreemathi Logan, Excellence in Science Award Committee

Holly Brown-Borg, Board of Directors

Kevin Perrott, Science Policy Committee

Catherine Hornsby, EOAC

AGE, a member of FASEB since 2016

AGE is pleased to announce the AFAR Grantees for 2019 

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Special Issue: Where Neuroscience Meets Geroscience: Mechanisms at the Interface between Aging and Neurodegeneration and Special Issue: Neuropeptides and Peptide Hormones in Aging

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