The American Aging Association is a group of experts dedicated to understanding the basic mechanisms of aging to enable methods of preserving and restoring function lost to age-related degeneration in order to extend the healthy human lifespan.  Become a member here.

Improving Resilience 
to Delay Aging

AGE 47th Annual Meeting
June 27-July 1, 2018
(with the 2018 Nathan Shock Centers Summit)
Preliminary Program (partial)

AGE is a member of FASEB

AGE is pleased to announce the AFAR Grantees for 2017 

AFAR Research Grants for Junior Faculty

Luis Batista, PhD, Assistant Professor, Washington University in St. Louis: The impact of progressive telomere shortening on mitochondria function and energy metabolism of human stem cells
Peter Douglas, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center: Stress mediated actin phosphorylation in endocytosis and age regulation
Sergei Doulatov, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Washington: The role of autophagy in hematopoietic stem cell aging
Michael Garratt, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Michigan: Sensory perception of the social environment: regulation of mouse development, metabolism and aging
Vyacheslav Labunskyy, PhD, Assistant Professor, Boston University School of Medicine: ER stress resistance and longevity
Darcie Moore, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison: The molecular mechanism underlying asymmetric segregation of aging factors in mammalian neural stem cells
Vittorio Sebastiano, PhD, Assistant Professor, Stanford School of Medicine: Transient reprogramming for efficient cell-autonomous reversal of age-associated phenotypes
Archana Unnikrishnan, PhD, Assistant Professor of Research, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center: Role of DNA mehtylation in Dietary Restriction mediated insulin sensitivity
Rui Xiao, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Florida: Cold-Shock Proteins (CSPs) in stress response and lifespan modulation
Amir Zarrinpar MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of California, San Diego: The Relationship of Gut Luminal Dynamics and Aging-Related Circadian Dysfunction and Dysmetabolism

New Investigator Awards in Alzheimer's Disease

Congcong He, PhDAssistant Professor, Northwestern University: Role of Becn2 in modulation of annabinoid signaling and Alzheimer's disease
Arieh Moussaieff, PhD, Senior Lecturer, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Exploring the role and regulatin of phospholipids in the AD brain.
Hsiao-Ying Wey, PhD, Assistant Professor, Massachusetts General Hospital: Imaging Epigenetic Mechanisms of Alzheimer's Disease with PET/MRI

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