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Below is a brief description of the different levels of membership:

  • Scientific Membership is for those that have a graduate or medical degree in one or more areas related to Biomedical Gerontology.
  • Post Doctoral Fellow in Biomedical Gerontology or related field - includes membership in the American Aging Association Trainee Chapter.
  • Graduate Student, Undergraduate Student, or Postdoc is for current students and for recent graduates who intend to enter graduate or medical school within the next two years - includes membership in the American Aging Association Trainee Chapter.
  • Lay Membership is for those that currently do not hold a degree in Biomedical Gerontology or related field.

If you are a Butler-Williams Scholars Alumni and within 2 years from appointment as Assistant Professor (Trainee or ECI), please contact the AGE Central Office for assistance with your membership.

Benefits of Membership:

The American Aging Association fosters the scientific and professional career development of its members through scientific meetings, networking, mentorship, and financial support of trainees. Members have access to exclusive content, such as recorded seminars and Powerpoint slides, and have free access rights to the electronic content of the journal GeroScience.

Lay Member 1-year $180      
  2-year $340
  3-year $420
Scientific Member 1-year $180
  2-year $340
  3-year $420
Trainee (Student or Postdoc) 1-year $50
  2-year $80
  3-year $100


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