Trainee Chapter - The GeroScience Peer Review Training Program



The GeroScience Peer Review Training Program

We are very excited to kick off the GeroScience Peer Review Training Program! This program will provide AGE trainee members the opportunity to review manuscripts submitted for publication to our society journal, GeroScience. In this program, AGE trainee members will pair with a peer review mentor that they select to help guide them in drafting a high-quality manuscript review. The editors of GeroScience along with the Chief Junior Reviewer (Matt Yousefzadeh) will match trainee expertise with submitted manuscripts to GeroScience and reach out to trainees to solicit a review. If the trainee agrees to perform the review, they will have two weeks to work with their mentor to draft a rigorous, critical, and ethical review that will then be sent back to the Chief Junior Reviewer. These reviews will be compiled and sent to GeroScience editors and be used for publication decisions. By providing trainees a pathway to review manuscripts for publication, the editors of GeroScience have created an important and unique career development opportunity. Thanks Zoltan and Bill!!!

If you are interested in signing up, please fill out information for you and your peer review mentor in the excel file and send it to Matt Yousefzadeh. Trainees and mentors must be current AGE members in good standing to participate. Make sure to reach out and confirm that your selected mentor has the time and is willing to serve as your peer review mentor before you sign up. Lastly, if you are an AGE Science member and interested in mentoring students, let us know!