Trainee Chapter - The GeroScience Peer Review Training Program


The GeroScience Peer Review Training Program

June 6, 2023

We are thrilled to extend a special invitation to both trainees and mentors to participate in the GeroScience Peer Review Training Program. This exclusive opportunity is open to trainee members of the American Aging Association (AGE) and our partnering societies, aiming to provide valuable experience in reviewing manuscripts for publication in our esteemed society journal, GeroScience. 

As a participant in this program, you will have the chance to work alongside a carefully selected peer review mentor, who will offer guidance and support in crafting high-quality manuscript reviews. Dr. Matthew Yousefzadeh from Columbia University, the Associate Editor directing the GeroScience Peer Review Training Program, will oversee the pairing process. Trainees will be matched with submitted manuscripts based on their expertise, as listed in a comprehensive directory. 

Once you agree to conduct a review, you will be given two weeks to collaborate with your mentor, developing a rigorous, critical, and ethically sound evaluation. The completed reviews will then be submitted to Dr. Yousefzadeh. These compiled reviews will be shared with GeroScience editors to aid in the publication decision-making process. Furthermore, trainee reviewers and their mentors will be identified to editors for follow-up and feedback on review quality, ensuring ongoing professional development. 

Participating in this program provides AGE trainees and mentors with a unique pathway to review manuscripts for publication, offering valuable opportunities for career advancement and skill-building. We encourage trainees interested in joining the program to send information about themselves and their chosen peer review mentor (see below) to Dr. Yousefzadeh.

To be eligible for participation, both trainees and mentors must be current members of AGE or our partnering societies, in good standing. We strongly recommend reaching out to your desired mentor or trainee in advance to confirm availability and willingness to participate as a peer review mentor or mentee. 

We look forward to the active involvement of trainees and mentors in the GeroScience Peer Review Training Program, and we greatly value the contributions you will make to the advancement of scientific knowledge in the field of aging. 

Best regards, 

Prof. Zoltan Ungvari, MD, PhD