Annual Meeting

The American Aging Association AGE is pleased to announce our 2021 HYBRID event that will include a VIRTUAL meeting coinciding with an IN-PERSON meeting July 20 - 23, 2021.  More details to come!!

Shown below are details of the postponed meeting.  We are in the process of updating topics and speakers.  The location will still be the Monona Terrace in Madison, WI from July 20 - 23, 2021. Our hotel providers will be the same.  


Meeting to be held at the Monona Terrace in Madison, WI

Monona Terrace is a convention center like no other, rising from the blue expanse of Lake Monona and just two blocks from the State Capitol and streets full of shops and restaurants. There are nearly one thousand hotel rooms within walking distance of Monona Terrace. In September 2015, Monona Terrace was certified as a “green building” at the Gold Level by the U.S. Green Building Council’s prestigious LEED program.

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Preliminary Program

Subject to change as meeting details are finalized. 

TUESDAY   4:30-6:00 Trainee Career Roundtable (Guest Speaker, Bita Nakhai, Ron Kohanski)
  6:00-7:30 Nathan Shock Symposium (Virtual)
  7:30-10:30 Rooftop Garden Reception
WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:00 Plenary Keynote Meng Wang
  9:00-10:05 Session 1: The Systems Biology of Aging
    Chair: Morgan Levine/Co-Chair:  Margarita Meer
    Vadim Gladyshev; Morgan Levine; Nick Schaum
  10:40-12:30 Session 2: RNA-based Mechanisms in Aging
    Chair: Myriam Gorospe/Co-Chair Allison Herman
    Allison Herman; Timothy Rhoads; Vered Raz
  2:00-4:00 Session 3: Metabolic Contributions to Brain Aging
    Chair: Holly Brown-Borg/Co-Chair TBD
    Mark Mattson; Manu Goyal; Lei Cao
  4:30-6:00 Session 4: Metabolism of Stem Cell Maintenance
    Chair: Ashely Webb/Co-Chair Darcie Moore
    Andrew Brack; Maria Llorens-Martin; Isabel Beerman
  6:00-8:30 Poster Session 1
  8:30-10:00 Networking Reception
THURSDAY 8:30-10:30 Session 5: Critical themes in Aging Metabolomics Research
    Chair: Joe Baur/Co-Chair: Karthi Chellappa
    Madhav Thambisetty; Matt Hirschey; Karthi Chellappa
  11:00-12:30 Session 6: Lipids & Adipose Tissue in Aging Homeostasis
    Chair: Rozalyn Anderson/ Co-Chair Judi Simcox
    Adam Antebi; Judi Simcox
  2:00-3:45 Session 7: Metabolism and Inflammaging
    Chair: Vishwa Deep Dixit Yale/Co-Chair Christina Camell
    Barbara Nikolajczyk; Christina Camell; Maxim Artyomov
  4:15-5:45 Session 8: Metabolism as a regulator of Chromatin Remodeling
    Chair: Weiwei Dang/Co-Chair: Payel Sen
    Payel Sen; John Denu; Weiwei Dang
  6:00-8:30 Poster Session 2
  8:30-10:00 Trainee Data Blitz
FRIDAY 8:30-10:00 Session 9: Longevity Intersecting with Metabolism
    Chair: Dudley Lamming/Co-Chair Cristal M. Hill
    Holly Van Remmen; Cristal M. Hill; Cara Green
  10:30-12:00 Session 10: Muscles, Movement & Mitochondria
    Chair: Ben Miller/Co-Chair: Mike Stout
    Luigi Ferrucci; Farbrisia Ambrosio; Brian Glancy


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Meeting Registration Fees

Meeting registration details & fees coming soon!! 

Note: There is a significant meeting registration saving for AGE members.  Consider becoming a member today.  

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If you are staying fewer than three nights during the available dates, please choose the Madison Concourse Hotel.
Speaker hotel accommodations will be made by AGE.

Madison Concourse Hotel
One West Dayton St.
Madison WI 53703
Booking link for Madison Concourse  (no minimum night requirement)
Cut off date for reservations: June 21, 2021
Nightly room rate is $159 (for single or double) plus state and hotel tax of 15.5% from July 20 - July 23.

Hilton Madison Monona Terrace (no minimum night requirement)
9 East Wilson St
Madison WI 53703      
Booking link for Hilton Madison Monona Terrace COMING SOON
Cut off date for reservations: June 21, 2021
Nightly room rate is $169 (for single or double) plus state and hotel tax of 15.5% from July 20 - July 23.

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Travel to Madison, WI

Directly to Dane County Regional Airport MSN or Travel on Badger Bus from Milwaukee Airport – or use option of traveling on the Badger Bus from Milwaukee Airport  or the Van Galder bus from Chicago Airport  ground transportation information for Madison 

Monona Terrace directions and parking information

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