Changing the Way We Age:
50 Years of Research in the Biology of Aging


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AGE 2022 Awards

Denham Harman Research Award
LaDora Thompson, PhD, PT, Boston University

Exceptional Mentor Award
Prof. Dr. Arlan Richardson, OU Health Science Center

Exceptional Achievement Award
Ann Barshop and Family

Dr. Norman Orentreich Award
Cara Green, PhD, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Inaugural Arlan Richardson Travel Awards
Roshini Sathiaseelan, Ramasamy Selvarani, Nidheesh Thadathil

Early Career Scholar Travel Awards

Morgan Barkley, Taylor Buchanan, Arik Davidyan, Lukas Kniess Debarba, Ivan Duran, James Occean, Mina Peyton, Stephanie Roa Diaz

Trainee Travel Awards
Bumsoo Ahn, Priya Balasubramanian, Brandon Berry, Alexis Carey, Constanza Cortes, Stephan Emmrich, Melanie Flores, Aditi Gurkar , Nisi Jiang, Colin Kaufman, Mitchell Lee, Sarah Noureddine, Daniel Richard, Delany Rodriguez, Marianna Sadagurski, Monica Sanchez-Contreras, Ana Silverstein, Luke Stilgenbauer, Stefano Tarantini, Michaela Trautman, Brian Wasko, Andriy Yabluchanskiy
Walter R. Nicolai Award
Best Poster Graduate Student: Janet Faakye
Best Poster Runner Up Graduate Student: Rafal Gulej 
Best Poster Second Runner Up Graduate Student: Marina Brown

Paul F. Glenn Award
Best Poster Postdoc: Adam Nyul-Toth 
Best Poster Runner Up Postdoc: Niran Hadad
Best Poster Second Runner Up Postdoc: Sabira Jazir
Best Poster Pitches Awards 
Dennis Minton, Jordan DelFavero, Kenneth Wilson, Kevin Agostinucci, Lei Zhang, Mariah Calubag, Matthew Engel, Paapa Mensah-Kane, Sujata Mukherjee, Melanie Flores

Data Blitz Awards
Cassandra McGill, Brandon Berry, Safa Beydoun, Emily Tom

Invitation from the President, Veronica Galvan, PhD, FAAA

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I am delighted to invite all investigators in aging and age-related fields to join us in a special celebration of 50 years of research in aging biology and geroscience at the 2022 American Aging Association (AGE) Annual Meeting which will take place on May 17-20 in San Antonio as a fully integrated hybrid (in person-virtual) event.  

At the occasion of the Association’s 50th anniversary, the 2022 AGE Meeting will feature speakers and organizations representing areas of major advance in aging and age-associated disease that made recent highly impactful contributions and have helped the field move forward by leaps in the last transformative decades. 



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